Working Mom Morning Routine: 4 Tips To Help Your Week


Hey friends!

Today, I thought I’d share a few tips from my working mom morning routine that has helped to streamline that busy after-work life and brought a little more peace into our home – and just might help you too!

My name’s Amy and I’m a full time working mom to 4 sweet kiddos! Of course, having a big family comes with a busy schedule! If you’re anything like me, your time after work is full of after school activities, snacks, homework, Dr. appointments, sports, showers, dinner, grocery shopping – and don’t forget about making time for YO’ SELF – IF you have the energy or time by the time your to-do list is done! To help you get back this valuable time I started following my working mom morning routine.


The first element of my working mom morning routine is keeping a monthly dry-erase calendar where everyone in the family can see it. Having a schedule with all our appointments, games, holidays, parties, etc., really helps keep our family on the same page when planning anything.


I even schedule gym time on here to help keep me accountable and prioritize my self care!


Oh the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” Honestly, if I were single with no kids, I could live off of cereal! But alas-the children must be fed! Weekly meal planning is a SANITY saver!

Keep it simple! I always do a quick check of what I have on hand in my fridge/pantry and then build meals from there. I also TRY to do my big grocery shopping trips on the Fridays so my weekend isn’t eaten up by one more thing!


Double your recipes and freeze one meal for later. Freezer meals are a HUGE time saver!!!


“Where’s my jersey?” “I can’t find my favorite jeans!” Anyone else have that last minute morning dash trying to find your kiddos lost clothing that they just HAVE to have! With 4 munchkins in our home, this isn’t a problem when we plan out our week on Sundays!

Have your older kids pick out their outfits for the week and make sure any favorite clothing they need is washed – yes, your kids can learn to do their own laundry! Even my 4 year old folds and puts away her own clothing! (Another major time saver for YOU)!

Pick out YOUR own outfits for the week too – you won’t believe how much time this will save you during the week!


Have kids in multiple sports? Have them pack individual drawstring sports bags with each sport’s items – dance bag, basketball bag, cross-country bag. Make sure to include a snack, drink and inhaler if needed!

#4 Don’t Forget About YOU!

Don’t forget to prioritize YOUR self-care friend! I used to feel guilty if I left my kiddos for time with friends, time at the gym, or even a date-night with the hubby! You’ve got to remember, you can’t do life at your best if you’re always running on empty!

Wrapping Up Working Mom Morning Routine

These are just a few tips we use in our home that help the nights run a little smoother, giving us more time to spend together as a family.

Thank you Amy for sharing these extremely helpful tips! If you would like to share your tips and tricks that help you survive motherhood please contact us!

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