A fun new trend is starting to take over the baby world. Have you heard of a virtual Diaper Shower yet? If not, no worries! That is what I’m here for.

With all that is going on in the world today most people are hesitant about hosting in person parties which makes having a baby shower extremely difficult. Therefore, friends, family members, and co-workers have had to get creative in order to shower the mother’s and father’s to be. Whether it be in small groups or zoom parties let’s face it the normal days of large gatherings have been put on hold; but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop too. An online Diaper Shower is a great way to shower the parent/parent’s to be from afar. With an online Diaper Shower, the guests are able to gift diapers to the expecting families. I mean truly what could be better! All babies need diapers and they are anything but cheap.

What is a Diaper Shower?

A Diaper Shower is a fun online way to gift diapers to expecting families.

Who should host a Diaper Shower?

Diaper Showers are for all parents, expecting parents, guardians, or charities.

How it works

  1. Individuals set up a Diaper Shower account by submitting quick and easy form.
  2. Share diaper shower gift link with friends, family, or co-workers
  3. Parent’s receive Diaper Shower credits at the close of the Diaper Shower
  4. Parent’s can shop at the Diaper Shower store at their convenience and customize purchases such as diaper brands and delivery schedules.
  5. Diapers are delivered to the parents doorstep within days!

Why virtual Diaper Showers are becoming so popular

Online diaper showers have become popular with parents as they were designed to help parents reduce expenses and save time. By saving money and time parents are able to focus more on their families, adapt to their new lifestyles, and spend less time on unnecessary trips to the store. From the comfort of their home, parents are able to use their diaper gift credits to purchase the products they need and schedule the deliveries to their doorsteps.

Babies truly are a miracle and making sure they are well taken care of is always a parents number one priority. Showering families with diapers is a special gift that parents will never forget.

Kirstin Ashley

Diaper Shower Co-Founder

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