When it comes to a baby registry there are lots of products to consider and choose from. Being a new mom or dad it may seem hard to decide which items you actually need and which may be less of a necessity. Since the baby marketers know exactly how to appeal to new parents I have compiled a list of the top 10 baby items that worked best for my family that you should add to your registry.

Top 10 products that made our life as new parents much easier!

  1. Diapers! Diapers! Diapers! Stock up on as many diapers as possible before your baby arrives. Set up a virtual Diaper Shower that allows loved ones to gift diapers! Diapers are one thing I guarantee you will never have enough of.
  2. Owlet Footsock & Monitor: Bringing home a new baby is scary enough let alone worrying about them while they sleep. The Owlet footsock removes the worry and provides a sense of security while sleeping. New parents need rest, don’t learn this the hard way! The baby monitor and app all run through an app on your cell phone so you can always see what your baby is up to from wherever you are!
  3. 4moms MommaRoo: The MommaRoo is a perfect place to set your baby while getting work done around the house. The chair design has multiple positions to ensure the baby is comfy, with different speeds, motions, and sounds that help the baby sleep and stay asleep.
  4. Car Seat & Stroller Combo: We found that the Nuna Pipa car seat and Nuna Mixx stroller fit our family’s needs best. We loved the safety features as well as its lightweight design. Car seat carriers are heavy without babies. Make sure you are looking at the weight of the car seats prior to purchasing. Buying the car seats and strollers in a combo not only saves money but also means they are compatible with one another. It is very nice when you don’t have to remove the baby from their carseat to put them in the stroller. The Pipa was able to clip right into the Mixx for quick transfer from the car to the stroller.
  5. Crib & Mattress: a child’s safety while sleeping is a huge priority for parents. If possible do not purchase these items used. Spend the money to ensure your crib and mattress are unused, unaltered, and meet all safety requirements. *Mattress pads are also a must! You never know when your little one will blow out their diaper and the pads are much easier to clean then the mattresses!
  6. Wipe Warmer: Wipe warmers may seem silly however a warm baby is a happy baby. Taking a cold wipe to a warm bottom can make for an unhappy baby.
  7. Playmat with lights & music: Little ones love to stretch out and look around. Music, lights, and dangling toys also help with child development and are great for tummy time. Having a good playmat with fun toys is something your child will use all the time.
  8. Pack n Play with attachments: Pack and plays have so many uses and are a product that grows with your child. They are great for travel but also perfect in parents bedrooms when the baby comes home. Pack n plays with the clip in bassinet and changing tables are extremely convenient for nighttime.
  9. Car Seat / Nursing Cover: A good nursing cover is essential with a newborn and having one that has multiple functions is even better. Investing in a good cover is worth the money. Don’t waste the time and money on buying cheap ones. You will find that you spend more money replacing the knock off ones (because they don’t fit right) than you would if you just purchased a nice one from the start. Milk Snob and Copper Pearl are two brands that are well made, soft fabrics, stretchy fit, and come in lots of fun patterns.
  10. Onesie Sleepers & Swaddle Sacks: Although it is fun to dress babies in cute outfits it’s not always practical. Babies and outfit changes are just something you have to get used to. I’ve gone through 4 outfits in one day and dressing newborns is a chore. Stocking up on onesies is the way to go. For quick changes, MagneticMe onesie is the best! NO snaps! NO buttons! Just magnets. They are 100% daddy approved. Lastly, since babies don’t use blankets when they sleep, swaddle sacks are the best alternative. They add an extra layer of warmth and make the swaddling process easy. Babies that are swaddled rest more peacefully and have a reduced chance of waking themself up at night. Halo swaddle sacks were our brand of choice. They offer different materials, sizes, and colors. These swaddles also allow for babies to be swaddled with or without their arms tucked and zip from the top down. A very nice feature for nighttime diaper changes!

Setting up your registry should be fun! Spend the time to read the descriptions and register for the products that best suit your needs at home. Being prepared will help to reduce your mom-to-be anxiety and we all know a happy momma is the best momma!

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