Hi everyone! My name is Savanna Frazier and I am a wife, mother and lover of Jesus. My husband and I have two precious boys, Crit (2yrs old) and Titan (1yr old). For now we are a family of four, but no matter the size we are all constantly learning and growing together. I currently work full-time as a professional service manager for a software company, but our family also recently took the leap of faith this past year with a photography business called Frazier & Co. Photography.

We love to create and capture the beauty within everyone! However, let’s talk about motherhood. If we truly think about the reality of motherhood it’s an absolute honor, such a priceless gift, yet unbelievably challenging at the same time. If you’re anything like my family, we love doing everything together. This may sound wonderful, but yet there are challenges that come with that very desire.

When our boy’s demeanour begins to change and they start to do undesirable things for attention, that’s a que that it’s time for some one-on-one quality time. For us, this means undivided attention doing the activities they love to do. I only have two kiddos and yet this can be challenging when it comes to time management. I mean what mama doesn’t need more time in their day to accomplish all the tasks at hand? Lol With that said, it’s important to aim for quality over the quantity of time spent. We have learned that quality time is absolutely vital and is also key to improve emotional development.

Crit is at the age where he is experiencing all sorts of emotion. Can you imagine being angry or frustrated for the first time in life and having no knowledge of what you’re experiencing or how to respond to that emotion? It can be easy to forget that they are experiencing a lot of “firsts,” but it’s our job to help them understand. With that said, we try to be very intentional to sit them down and talk about emotions. For example: We would let Crit know it is okay to be frustrated or to be mad, but it isn’t okay to throw toys. Also, when communicating with them we get down on their level and make eye contact with them. Does this take extreme intentionality? Of course it does, do we do it perfectly? Nope, not even close. But we have found we get a better response this way.

Let’s face it, motherhood isn’t a cookie cutter experience but I hope we can all learn, grow and encourage each other along this journey!

-Savanna Frazier

THANK YOU Savanna for sharing your story and this helpful information!

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