Hello, my name is Alicia, I have been married now for almost 6 years, we have one amazing little 2 year old boy and I work full time as a bank lady.

Being a mother is what I always dreamed of and when my husband and I tried for 2 years with no luck at all, we finally searched for help. We found out I have PCOS with my left ovary and that would limit our chances, but only seeing Dr. Shomento for 4 months our prayers were answered. A miracle baby.

I will never forget when Jax grew out of his little 3 month dinosaur footie pajamas that had dinosaur feet. I cried because I couldn’t believe how fast he was growing, my husband looked at my crying my eyes out and told me, we could cut the feet off it if made me stop crying. As much as I wanted too I knew I wasn’t that crazy of a mom.

Now that Jaxson is getting older and so talkative I try to take in every minute with him because as I look back at the last two years already, it goes way to fast. The best days of my life started when I found out I was pregnant and I wouldn’t trade hearing, “mom” come out of that little boy’s mouth for the universe. Who knows if I’ll get another miracle baby and if I do, Jax will be the greatest big brother but if not then we will have our one perfectly healthy, amazing, full of life son.

Thank you Alicia for sharing your story and this helpful information! If you would like to share your tips, tricks or story that helped you survive motherhood please email us at kirstin@diapershower.com

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