Morning Routine For Kids: How to Avoid the Meltdown

Morning Routine For Kids: Minimal Meltdowns Brianna Eamon

Are you looking for a morning routine for kids to help you minimize and avoid meltdowns?

My name is Brianna, I’m a wife, mom of 3, and I teach Early Kindergarten in a four year old classroom.

Morning Routine For Kids

My kids are all four years apart, so it seems we are always balancing a new stage of parenting.

It can be overwhelming some days with trying to balance work and home. I try to stay organized as much a possible and keep to a routine. Creating a predictable routine for kids helps provide stability and boundaries.

My middle child struggles the most with routine in the morning. For awhile, we used a picture schedule to show him each step he needed to complete to get ready. Pictures help him be more independent and allowed me to not have to remind him each step.

This morning routine for kids works at any age, but for younger kids a visual is better and older kids can use a checklist.

For example, wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, brush your teeth, and get your backpack for school.

You can customize the schedule with pictures of your child completing the task or use generic pictures. I used generic pictures, laminated the cards, and put Velcro on the back.

This allows me to adjust the schedule depending on the day if needed. The schedule helps minimize distractions such as playing in his room instead of getting dressed or forgetting to brush his teeth.

We used the schedule daily during home learning to plan out our day. There are definitely days where we are still running late, but I’ve found that consistency in our daily routine helps minimize meltdowns.

-Brianna Eamon

THANK YOU Brianna for sharing your morning routine for kids and all of this helpful information!

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What Is A Diaper Shower: A Fund For Diapers

Have you heard of the term “diaper shower” but are wondering what is a diaper shower? If you are a new parent or know someone who is expecting a child soon a diaper shower is for you!

A diaper shower is essentially a baby shower, but instead of traditional gifts like clothes and toys, guests bring disposable diapers, wipes, and other diapering essentials. The purpose of a diaper shower is to help new parents stock up on these necessary items for their newborn without having to worry about constantly restocking themselves.

An event like a Diaper Shower can often include games, gift openings, and food. On the other hand, diaper parties are typically hosted by men or couples, with male friends of the dad-to-be in attendance. The focus is on providing practical gifts like diapers and wipes rather than traditional baby gifts like clothes or toys. You can also host a Diaper Shower completely online!

Diaper Showers Help New Parents With Essential Supplies They Need

New moms and dads often struggle to get everything they need for their newborn baby. A diaper shower is a great way to provide them with the essential supplies they need, such as diapers, wipes, bottles, and formula. This can help ease some of the financial burden that comes with having a new baby. Plus, it’s a fun way for friends and family to contribute something useful.

Emotional Support During an Exciting but Stressful Time

Having a new baby is an exciting time, but it can also be incredibly stressful for new parents. A diaper shower is a great opportunity for loved ones to offer emotional support and encouragement during this transition period. It’s also a chance for new parents to connect with other parents who have been through similar experiences.

An Opportunity to Celebrate Parenthood with Loved Ones

Becoming a parent is one of the most significant milestones in life. A diaper shower provides an opportunity for loved ones to come together and celebrate this special occasion. It’s also a chance for friends and family members who may not have seen each other in a while to catch up and reconnect.

A diaper shower is not only a great idea but also an excellent way to show support for new parents. Whether you’re attending as a dad or mom-to-be or as part of the supporting cast of family or friends, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Learn more or start a diaper shower for yourself of a loved on today!

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