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I have signed up for a Diaper Shower! Now What!?

Having a Diaper Shower is a convenient way for friends, family, and co-workers to give diapers, ensuring that the mom-to-be receives a supply, which will undoubtedly be greatly appreciated. It is important that you take the time to share the news about your Diaper Shower with a Diaper Shower Invitation. If people don’t get a diaper shower invitation, they won’t know where or how to make a gift!

Below are all of the sharing options for your Diaper Shower!

“Share This Shower” Button

The Share This Shower button inside your shower is the hub of tools to easily share your shower.

Unique URL

We create a unique URL that is specific to your Diaper Shower. You can copy and paste this URL into an email, direct message, text, a social media post or other services. People can click through this link to type it in to go straight to your Diaper Shower.

Social Media

Get social and use the sample graphics and/or sample text below to let friends & family know you’re having a Diaper Shower! Click on each graphic to bring you to a sharable Facebook post created to share with your own shower details!

Text / SMS

We will create a unique Text code (Most Likely A Last Name) that people can text to (202) 858-1233 to receive a convenient link that will lead them directly to your Diaper Shower! This makes sharing your Diaper Shower as easy as sending out a group text.

Facebook Group

Facebook Groups make it easy to invite friends, thank those who have supported your shower post updates and add any photos. Groups are a great way for Friends, Family, Co-Workers and others to interact and have fun with your Diaper Shower. Make sure to LIKE the Diaper Shower Facebook Page and JOIN your group!

QR Code

We will create a custom QR code that can easily be scanned to direct anyone to your Diaper Shower. A QR code is a great addition to any paper or electronic invite you send out. A QR code can be scanned with any smart device to lead people directly to your Diaper Shower!

Traditional Mailed Diaper Shower Invitations

In the age of digital communication, a physical mail sometimes stands out because of its novelty. Make your Diaper Shower invitation special with a lovely handwritten note. You could also get creative and include a small baby-related trinket. Just ensure you include the link or a QR code to your Diaper Shower.

Diaper Shower Sign

By including a Diaper Shower sign at a baby shower or other in-person event, you give guests the option to easily contribute. Add your Diaper Shower url and QR code to the sign to make it super easy for guests to find your shower and make a gift during the fun.

Use The Find A Shower Page

If you don’t have one of the methods handy to send someone directly to your diaper shower, you can ask people to search for the name of your shower on the Find A Shower page.

Diaper Shower Invitation Summary

Don’t be shy sharing your Diaper Shower. This is a special time for a growing family and people will be eager to help support with diapers, but they can’t give if they don’t know about it!

If you have any questions, need help sharing your Diaper Shower, or have suggestions on how we can make things easier for you, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

Melissa & Kirstin Ashley

Diaper Shower Co-Founders

What Is A Diaper Shower: A Fund For Diapers

Have you heard of the term “diaper shower” but are wondering what is a diaper shower? If you are a new parent or know someone who is expecting a child soon a diaper shower is for you!

A diaper shower is essentially a baby shower, but instead of traditional gifts like clothes and toys, guests bring disposable diapers, wipes, and other diapering essentials. The purpose of a diaper shower is to help new parents stock up on these necessary items for their newborn without having to worry about constantly restocking themselves.

An event like a Diaper Shower can often include games, gift openings, and food. On the other hand, diaper parties are typically hosted by men or couples, with male friends of the dad-to-be in attendance. The focus is on providing practical gifts like diapers and wipes rather than traditional baby gifts like clothes or toys. You can also host a Diaper Shower completely online!

Learn more or start a diaper shower for yourself of a loved on today!

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