The Ultimate Diaper Raffle: 45 Proven Tips to Grow Your Stockpile

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What Is A Diaper Raffle?

A diaper raffle is a fun and practical game often played at baby showers where guests bring a pack of diapers to the expecting mother. In return, they receive an entry ticket for a chance to win fantastic prizes. 

Diaper raffles have grown increasingly popular at baby showers in recent years, and it’s no wonder why. As any parent can attest, diapers are a major expense for new families. 

This is a fun way to help expecting parents stock up on diapers and offset that cost. Plus, it’s an engaging game that encourages guests to interact and does wonders for the family. Everyone WINS!

How Does A Diaper Raffle Work?

A Diaper Raffle can be as easy or as elaborate as you want to make it.

When you send baby shower invites out to friends and family, you simply ask each guest to bring a pack of diapers in exchange for their entry to win a prize. 

Guests drop off their package or make a gift digitally to the host to claim their raffle ticket and entry into the drawing. 

You can keep it simple or jazz it up with fancy tickets or themed prizes. 

On the day of the shower, you draw a ticket, and voila – we have a lucky winner! It adds a fun twist to the party without adding much extra time, and the best part is, the new parents end up with a mountain of diapers. Talk about a win-win!

Collecting Diapers

If you are looking for an easy way to collect diapers for your Diaper Raffle, Diaper Shower offers a completely free service to effortlessly create your own personalized page. By sharing it, friends and family can join in the excitement and enter the raffle. This works amazingly well because distant friends and family can join in on the fun and support the expecting family without needing to be present. Families love it because they can order the diapers they want, right when they need them!

Diaper Shower

Steps How To Do A Diaper Raffle

If you’re lucky enough to be in charge of planning a diaper raffle for yourself or a friend, you’re in for a fun time and a bunch of diapers.

Having a well-crafted plan in place can make all of the difference when it comes to getting the most out of your raffle.

From all the steps in planning, all the way through drawing the winner, we will give you all of the tools to receive the most diapers for your expecting family. 

Let’s dive in!

1. Pick The Type: Traditional, Virtual or Hybrid

Consider the preferences and needs of your guests when choosing the format. 

You can opt for a traditional in-person event at the baby shower, a virtual raffle (perfect for long-distance friends and family), or maybe a combination of the two.

Diaper Raffle Party

Having A Baby Shower Diaper Raffle

Diaper raffles have traditionally been conducted in person at baby showers where guests bring packages of diapers. 

There’s a special kind of excitement and anticipation when you’re physically present at an event.

The laughter, the camaraderie, the suspenseful moments just before the raffle winner is announce – these are experiences that are best enjoyed together with friends and family.

The problem that occurs with receiving diapers in person is not knowing what brands and sizes your guests will bring. 

Receiving brands you aren’t so thrilled to put on your precious little one or too many of one size than you need can become a headache and creates unnecessary trips to the store.

There is also the hassle of transporting and storing loads of diapers. This really is an inconvenience. Who honestly has enough room to store a year’s worth of diapers?

Another downside of relying only on in person gifts is that it becomes difficult for those who live far away are not able to attend in person but still want to show their love and participate. 

Welcome Baby sign

Hosting A Virtual Diaper Raffle

A fun new way to shower expecting families with diapers from near or far is hosting the diaper raffle online or virtually. 

With a virtual diaper raffle, guests can participate no matter where they live! Near or far from the expecting parents, all are welcome to join the fun and give diapers.

Setting up a diaper fund through an online platform like Diaper Shower takes the hassle out of diaper raffles. 

Friends and families send their gift “funds” through the secure site and the funds are sent directly to the families. 

This gives the parents-to-be the ability to order the diapers they want, in the sizes and brands they love, and ships them directly to their doorstep. 

No more storing diapers, no more exchanges, and no more hassle. Just happy families and happy gifters. 

Hybrid Diaper Raffle: 

Diaper Basket

A hybrid approach is an innovative way to combine the best elements of both in-person and a diaper raffle online. This can be accomplished by simply adding a digital method of giving to your in-person baby shower.

This is a fantastic solution to the challenges posed by distance, busy schedules, and health concerns of large groups. 

It ensures that everyone who wants to be part of the celebration can do so, and the soon-to-be parents can receive an abundance of diapers for their upcoming bundle of joy.

It also saves your guests time going to the store and the hassle of transporting and storing a mountain of diapers. 

With a hybrid you can have your cake and eat it too!

2. Set The Rules

Next you will need to decide how you want to give participants entries into the diaper raffle. 

There are two popular ways to do it. 

You can give an additional entry for each package of diapers a guest brings, OR… you can incentivize the raffle by diaper quantity. 

For example, you could give an additional ticket for every 20 diapers gifted. 

This way, the more diapers people give, the more entries they receive. The more entries that are given out, the more diapers the expecting family receive! 

Either method works, but we have have seen the most success by adding an incentive and sharing it with the guests early and often. People love to win and enjoy a friendly competition. 

Your message can be something like: “Remember the more diapers you bring the more chances to win you get!”

3. Make Guidelines For Brands and Sizes

If you aren’t using a digital way of giving diapers like Diaper Shower, you will need to ensure people bring a useful assortment of diapers. 

The last thing you want is to receive diapers that you cannot use!

To accomplish this, make sure you provide clear instructions regarding preferred diaper sizes and brands on the invitations. 

You may even suggest a range of sizes to cover the baby’s growth. 

Suggesting sizes 1-4 is always helpful because you never know how quickly a baby will outgrow the newborn diapers if they are even in them at all!

Diaper Raffle Thank You Card

4. How To Pick Prizes

It is important to decide on the format and prizes. You can choose between hosting one big raffle or several smaller ones throughout the event. 

To keep things simple, consider offering digital-friendly prizes like gift cards. 

These options can be easily sent electronically or shipped directly from online retailers, ensuring a seamless experience for your guests.

Single vs multiple diaper raffle prizes: 

A single grand prize might create more excitement, while multiple smaller raffles give attendees more chances to win. Consider your guest list size and preferences when making this decision.

Selecting appropriate digital-friendly prizes: 

Choose prizes that are easy to send digitally or ship without hassle. Some popular options include e-gift cards from major retailers like Amazon, Target, or Walmart; subscription boxes such as Birchbox; and streaming service subscriptions like Netflix or Hulu.

5. Choosing A Diaper Raffle Theme 

If you are adding a Diaper Raffle to your baby shower, you will want to adapt your invitation wording to match the theme of the baby shower or the parents’ preferences. 

For example, if you’re hosting a woodland-themed baby shower, use woodland-related puns and imagery to make the invitation cohesive.

6. Adding A Diaper Raffle On Your Invitation

Getting the word out is critical to have a successful Diaper Shower. 

One way to let people know about it is by incorporating it into your baby shower invitation. This can save time and resources while ensuring all guests receive the necessary details.

Alternatively, you can create a separate invitation specifically for the raffle. This option can be useful if you want to emphasize the importance of the raffle or provide more detailed information.

If you are using a collection like Diaper Shower, you can easily add a URL and or QR code to the invite. Or, you can go completely digital and invite people to give by email or text.

Diaper Raffle Template

Finding a high-quality template to work off of is incredibly valuable and can save you time and money. 

It can also make your end product more turn out to be more professional if you aren’t artistically or design inclined. Products like Canva have an incredible amount of templates that can be used to help start you off right.

7. Diaper Raffle Sign

Having a diaper raffle sign adds an element of excitement and fun to the event, but it also offers practical benefits for expectant parents. 

A diaper raffle sign adds a touch of organization and structure to the event, making it easier for attendees to know where to place diapers or how to give them.

If you are using an online diaper fund like Diaper Shower, you can include your URL and QR code on the sign itself to make it easy for people to give. 

8. Diaper Raffle Tickets

Diaper Raffle Tickets and Woman

Second only to invites, diaper raffle tickets are very important for the success of your diaper raffle!

For virtual or hybrid raffles, using online platforms or tools to distribute digital tickets. Guests can then submit their tickets electronically, making it easier to manage the raffle process.

Physical tickets can be handed out in person, mailed with invitations, or left at a designated pick-up location for guests to collect before the event.

Ticket Ideas:

DIY Diaper Raffle tickets

If you’re feeling crafty you can create your own diaper raffle tickets using design software or an online template. Print the tickets on high-quality paper and cut them out to distribute to your guests. 

Printable Diaper Raffle Tickets

You can find printable diaper raffle tickets on various websites, including parenting blogs, party planning sites, and online marketplaces.

These resources offer a wide range of designs and themes to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect tickets for your diaper raffle event. Simply search online and explore the options available to you.

Where To Buy Diaper Raffle Tickets

For a more convenient option, purchase pre-made diaper raffle tickets. 

Diaper raffle tickets can be purchased at various places such as party supply stores, baby boutiques, online retailers, or even through the event organizer.

These pre-made tickets often come in various designs and themes to match your baby shower.

Diaper Raffle Tickets Online (No Tickets)

If you are using a digital collection for diapers and don’t want to go through the trouble of dealing with physical raffle tickets using a random number generator is a great option. 

Simply assign each participant’s chance/s a unique number and then run the random number generator to select the winner. 

9. Diaper Raffle Box

Diaper Raffle Box

As guests arrive with their diaper contributions, provide them with tickets based on the predetermined entry requirements. Collect the tickets in a container or box for the drawing.

Diaper Raffle Box Ideas

If you prefer a ready-made solution, look for themed containers or boxes at party supply stores or online retailers. These can save you time and effort while still looking great at the event. You can find some great options on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Diaper Raffle Box DIY

Show off your artistic skills by creating a unique container for guests to put their raffle tickets into that matches the theme of the baby shower. Use paint, fabric, stickers, or other craft supplies to decorate a box or bin.

Diaper Raffle Ticket Box Placement

Ensure your guests know where to leave their contributions and pick up their tickets by providing clear signage and instructions near the diaper raffle box. This can help avoid confusion and ensure a smooth raffle process.

This will encourage guests to participate and make it simple for them to drop off their diapers and tickets.

10. The Winner Announcement

Diaper Raffle Tickets Drawing

Making a plan for how to announce conduct the drawing process and announce the winners is key. 

You want to create a sense of anticipation and excitement by offering tiered prizes, with a grand prize for the top winner and smaller prizes for runners-up.

Make the process of announcing winners engaging and entertaining by using creative methods. Some ideas could be hiding winning tickets inside balloons that guests have to pop or placing the winning numbers inside fortune cookies.

As winners are announced, invite them to come up and collect their prize. Set the tone and help the room have fun and celebrate the winners. 

Thank You Cards

Showing appreciation for your guests’ participation is essential. Thanking them not only makes them feel valued, but it also helps build stronger relationships for future events involving similar circles or networks.

Sending Digital Thank-You Messages

An efficient and eco-friendly way to express gratitude is by sending digital thank-you messages. 

You can use email or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to send personalized notes thanking each guest for their contribution.

Express your appreciation for the help they provided you during this momentous occasion.

Mailing Physical Thank-You Notes

Diaper Raffle Thank you card

If you prefer a more traditional approach, consider mailing physical thank-you notes. 

Handwritten cards add a personal touch that shows extra effort and thoughtfulness on your part. 

To make it even more special, choose stationery with baby-themed designs from online retailers like Zazzle or local stores near you.

No matter which method of expressing gratitude you choose, remember that these small gestures go a long way towards making participants feel appreciated and valued.

Dial In Your Raffle Wording

Many people struggle with how to include a diaper raffle on invitations.

Make your invitation stands out with creative wording, diaper raffle sayings, diaper poems and quotes that clearly explain the purpose of the event and its rules. 

Invite Wording Examples

Diaper raffles are getting more well known, but not everyone is familiar with them. Make sure to be clear in your invite wording so that everyone understands the concept. Below are a few examples: 

  • “Please bring a pack of diapers (any size) to be entered in our Diaper Raffle. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated!” 
  • “Join our Diaper Raffle for a chance to win a fabulous prize! To participate, please bring a pack of diapers (any size). Thank you for helping us prepare for our little one’s arrival.”

Funny Diaper Raffle Wording Examples

Adding a touch of humor where you can can go a long ways to giving some personality to your baby shower invites. Below are a few examples of funning wording you could include:

  • “Diapers may not be the most glamorous gift, but they sure are a ‘butt’-load of practicality. Enter our raffle and win some!”
  • “Don’t let your baby’s ‘assets’ dwindle. Enter our raffle and get a chance to replenish your diaper supply!”
  • “Let’s see who’s got the ‘bottom’ covered! Bring your diaper donations and let the games begin!”

Diaper Raffle Poem Example

 Incorporate a fun poem or catchy phrase to capture your guests’ attention.

We’re about to add one more to our crew,

We’d love some help from friends like you.

If you fancy a raffle, here’s the scoop:

Just bring a pack of diapers, to join the group.

Newborn, or size one, two, or three,

Help us prepare, for when baby makes three.

Each pack earns you a raffle spot,

Who knows? You might win the jackpot!

Bring a pack, don’t come solo,

Help us be ready for the baby’s do-do!

Join the diaper raffle, add to the fun,

As we celebrate the arrival of our little one.

Diaper Raffle Quotes

Incorporating a good diaper quote in your invite can make a fun addition. Below are a few we came across as examples: 

  1. “Diapers are like a reminder that life is messy.” – Ellen DeGeneres
  2. “Diapers are like a badge of honor. They mean you’re a parent.” – Chris Rock
  3. “Diapers are the gateway drug to parenthood.” – Chelsea Handler
  4. “Diapers are the currency of parenthood.” – Jim Gaffigan
  5. Babies change everything in your life. Except their own diapers. – Unknown

Diaper Raffle Prize Ideas

Many people ask themselves, what is a good prize for a diaper raffle? However simple it may seem, it isn’t easy to come up with diaper raffle gift ideas that appeal to everyone. 

Baby Shower cake on table

When selecting prizes, consider coordinating them with the baby shower theme for a cohesive and visually appealing event.

Think about your guests’ preferences and interests when selecting prizes. Choose items that will appeal to a wide range of people to encourage more participation. Below are some popular ideas of gifts to consider.

 How Many Prizes & Winners For A Diaper Raffle

Decide whether you want to have a single winner who takes home the grand prize or multiple winners who receive smaller prizes. 

This decision depends on factors like your budget, the number of guests, and the overall atmosphere you want to create.

As a rule of thumb, consider offering one prize for every 10-15 guests. 

This ensures that there are enough prizes to keep the raffle exciting and competitive.

Cheap Diaper Raffle Prizes

There is a balance between offering em inexpensive prizes and not spending a bunch of money and also

There are plenty of affordable and practical prize options available, such as baby care items, picture frames, or reusable shopping bags.

If your budget allows, consider offering high-end or luxurious prizes, like a designer diaper bag, a high-quality baby blanket, or a premium baby carrier.

What Are The Best Diaper Raffle Prizes

When hosting a diaper raffle, it’s essential to make the prizes appealing to all attendees. 

One way to achieve this is by offering prizes that cater to various interests and preferences. This ensures everyone has an equal chance of winning something they’ll enjoy.

Popular prize ideas for include gift cards, baby essentials, pampering items, and themed gift baskets. These options are usually well-received and enjoyed by the winners.

  • Amazon gift cards: These versatile gift cards allow winners to choose from millions of products across different categories.
  • Netflix subscriptions: A great option for movie and TV show enthusiasts who can enjoy streaming content on their devices.
  • Starbucks gift cards: Perfect for coffee lovers or those who like grabbing a quick snack on-the-go.
  • Spafinder gift certificates: Treat your guests with a relaxing spa experience at participating locations nationwide.

For a more memorable raffle, consider offering unique and creative prizes, such as a custom-made piece of art, a personalized storybook, or a cooking class.

Diaper Raffle Gift Basket

Gift baskets are a fantastic option for diaper raffle prizes. 

Choose a theme that aligns with the baby shower or the interests of the expecting parents, and fill the basket with items that match the theme. 

Examples include a “spa day” basket, a “baby essentials” basket, or even a “movie night” basket.

Diaper Raffle Gift Card Amount

Gift cards to popular retail stores can be an excellent prize option allowing winners to choose their own items. 

Consider stores that carry baby essentials, clothing, or home goods.

For guests who love shopping online, gift cards to their favorite e-commerce sites can make great prizes. 

This option provides flexibility and convenience for the winner.

Gifts For Everyone

If you want to show appreciation for all participants, consider offering consolation prizes or small tokens of gratitude for everyone who contributed diapers. 

This could include small treats, party favors, engraved merchandise or even personalized thank-you notes.

Other Variations and Occasions 

baby shower diaper raffle game

1. Diaper and Wipes Raffle

A diaper and wipes raffle can provide even more value for the expecting parents by including baby wipes as an additional contribution option. 

This ensures they have all the essentials for diaper changes.

Modify the rules to include wipes as an accepted contribution, and consider offering separate or combined prizes for diaper and wipe contributions.

2. Diaper Party Raffle

A diaper party is an event often for men to celebrate the anticipation of a new baby arriving. It is focused on getting diapers for the growing family and is often hosted by close friends or family members. 

Tailor the raffle rules and prizes specifically for a diaper party, perhaps offering larger or more exciting prizes to encourage greater participation.

3. Gender Reveal Diaper Raffle

If you’re planning a gender reveal party, this can also be a great occasion to have a raffle.  you’ll want to coordinate the prizes with the theme. 

Consider using neutral colors for the prizes, or having two sets of prizes – one for each gender. 

You could also choose prizes that are related to the gender reveal, such as a gender-neutral baby outfit or a gift card for the parents to use once the baby’s gender is revealed.

To integrate the raffle into the gender reveal party, you can make the raffle part of the big reveal. 

For example, you can use gender-specific colored tickets for the raffle and have the parents draw the winning ticket from a container that hides the color until the last moment.

4. A Baby is Brewing or Pregger Kegger

Looking for a different way to shower a baby daddy or couple? Why not host a “Baby is Brewing Party” or a “Pregger Kegger?” 

These unique party themes have gained popularity in recent years as creative and light-hearted ways to celebrate the impending arrival of a baby. ‘A Baby is Brewing’ is a playful twist on the idea of a baby shower, incorporating elements of a tea party or beer-themed gathering.

It offers a fun and relaxed atmosphere where friends and family come together to honor the expectant parents and shower them with love and support.

On the other hand, a ‘Pregger Kegger’ takes a more casual and humorous approach often times for just the expecting Dad and his buds. It’s a fun-filled event where friends enjoy some drinks and good company before the baby’s arrival.

While these parties differ in style and tone, they share a common goal of celebrating the joyous milestone of becoming parents and are opportunities to have a diaper raffle.

Common Questions and Concerns

1. Are Diaper Raffles Tacky?

Baby Shower Cake

Diaper raffles can be a fun and practical addition to any baby shower, but some may worry about them being tacky. 

The key to ensuring a tasteful and enjoyable experience is striking the right balance between fun and practicality. 

Keep the theme in line with the overall baby shower theme and make sure the invitations and prizes are thoughtfully chosen. 

Focus on the presentation and wording of the invitations, the quality of the prizes, and the overall atmosphere of the event. 

By doing so, you’ll create an enjoyable experience that complements the baby shower without overshadowing it.

2. How much to spend on a Diaper Raffle Prize?

When deciding on your prize budget, consider factors such as the size of your guest list, and what your attendees will find exciting. 

Allocate a reasonable amount for the prizes without overspending. 

Keep in mind that people are more concerned about giving diapers to the expecting parents and not the prize. 

3. How Do You Put A Diaper Raffle On An Invitation?

Incorporate the information into your baby shower invitations by:

  1. Add a small section at the bottom of the main invitation. 
  2. Include a separate insert 
  3. Add a URL or QR code to your Diaper Shower

4. Do You Wrap Diapers for a Diaper Raffle?

Wrapped diapers can add an element of surprise and excitement, while unwrapped diapers allow for easy organization and storage. 

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and the desired atmosphere of the event.

5. How To Do A Virtual Diaper Raffle?

Hosting a virtual raffle is very simple and every expecting family should have one! 

  • Choose an online diaper fund collection platform like Diaper Shower to make diaper giving easy
  • Invite friends and family and clearly communicate the rules and guidelines of the raffle
  • Encourage participants to contribute by purchasing a pack of diapers or a monetary equivalent as their raffle entry
  • Finally, hold the virtual drawing and announce the lucky winner
  • Express gratitude to all participants for their support

6. What is a Good Prize For A Diaper Raffle?

To make the most of your budget, consider prizes such as gift cards, themed gift baskets, or pampering items for the parents-to-be. 

These options can be affordable while providing winners with a fun and exciting reward.

They can also appeal to a wide variety of guests to help ensure the winner/s receive something they are excited about. 

The Bottom Line

Diaper in wicker basket

We’ve explored the ins and outs of planning and hosting a diaper raffle. From the basics of what to do to the nitty gritty details. 

We can’t stress enough how helpful they can be for new parents and highly encourage you to give it a try! 

They are a fun and practical way to help stock up on diapers while bringing a touch of excitement to your baby shower or event. 

With a bit of planning and creativity, you can create an unforgettable experience that your guests will love. 

diaper shower

Thank you for joining us and we look forward to hearing about your own experiences and successes. And Don’t forget to visit Diaper Shower to set up a diaper fund to receive diapers for any occasion. Happy planning!

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