Decorating A Neutral Nursery: Baby Erickson

Hello! I’m Ali, and I’m back to give a glimpse into my baby boy’s nursery. One of the highlights of preparing for his arrival has been decorating a neutral nursery and creating zen space. I’m proud of the finished product! I wanted the room to flow with the rest of our home, so I stayed true to my style and used variations of white, cream, and wood.

Decorating A Neutral Nursery Photos

I’m not a photographer, but you’ll find some photos below, as well as a list of the products used I used when decorating a neutral nursery and where they can be found. In an effort to keep his name private until he’s born, I didn’t include the wooden name sign above his crib. 😊

Fun fact:

My husband and I almost killed each other trying to mount the monitor and hang the curtains, shelf, and mirror. Needless to say, we won’t be starring in a HGTV show any time soon.

Decorating A Neutral Nursery

Decorating A Neutral Nursery Items

For those curious about the items featured in the nursery, I’ve compiled a list below, including the brands and where they can be found. You’ll notice I omitted the wooden name sign above the crib to keep my little one’s name a surprise until his arrival. 😊

In conclusion, I am thrilled to share my experience of decorating a neutral nursery for my baby boy’s with a zen-inspired theme. As I prepared for his arrival, I wanted to create a space that blended seamlessly with the rest of our home, reflecting my personal style. Using a palette of white, cream, and wood variations, I carefully curated each element of the room.

Overall, the process of designing this neutral nursery has been a joyous one. I am proud of the end result—a serene, inviting, and harmonious space that I cannot wait to share with my little bundle of joy. I hope that by sharing my journey and the details of each item, I can inspire others looking to create their own dream nursery. Happy decorating!

THANK YOU Ali for sharing your nursery and this helpful information!

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