Baby Product Recommendations By A PICU Nurse

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Tori Neumann is a skilled PICU nurse and a mom of two. As an expert in the field and a parent who has navigated the world of baby essentials, she understands the importance of choosing the right products for your little one and how valuable baby product recommendations can be.

In this article, Tori dives deep to share her expertise and personal experiences to provide 15 top baby product recommendations. From car seats and strollers to pumping devices and swaddle blankets, Tori covers a range of must-have items for parents.

Whether you’re a first-time parent, looking to upgrade your baby gear, or picking out items for a baby shower registry, we’ve got you covered. Tori’s recommendations are based on safety, comfort, convenience, and quality, ensuring that you can make informed decisions for your little one.

Let’s dive in and explore these top baby products and set yourself up for a smoother parenting journey.

15 Top Baby Product Recommendations

#1 Nuna Pipa Lite Carseat & Stroller System

Nuna Pipa Baby Product Recommendations

The Nuna PIPA Lite car seat it a must-have. Great safety ratings, beautiful color combinations and the name is not misleading…this car seat is extremely lightweight. The canopy has a magnetic UV drape
to protect it from the sun. Paired with the MIXX Next stroller makes running errands with a newborn seamless. Stroller comes with a bassinet that can be removed and swapped out with a car seat. Carseat easily clicks into the stroller, baby stays sound asleep during the car-to-stroller transitions! In a stroller, a car seat can be rear or forward facing. The stroller has a compact fold with one hand easy open.

#2 Elvie Pump

Nuna Pipa Baby Baby Product Recommendations

It is no exaggeration to say that I despised pumping with our first child. Before having our second baby I
purchased the Elvie and it changed my entire outlook on pumping. I never imagined it would be so easy to do household chores, chase a toddler or drive to the store all while pumping. I can’t imagine pumping any other way. Controlled with smartphone via the Elvie app, can track past and current pump sessions.

#3 Sakura Bloom Carrier

Sakura Bloom Carrier Baby Product Recommendations

This was another purchase we made before having our second and couldn’t be happier about it. This has
become a staple for leaving the house with a newborn and toddler on the run. It has accompanied
us for outings to the zoo, MLB games, weddings and everything in-between. It is the perfect combination
of a structured carrier and the solly wrap. Compact, low profile, washable and extremely comfortable. Can be worn on front or back for babies 7-45 lbs.

#4 Hatch Sound Machine

Hatch Sound Machine Baby Product Recommendations

Sound machine controlled from your phone with adjustable color, brightness and sound. Can program
multiple color, light and sound combinations for naps, bedtime and morning wakings. Also has two-way
audio monitor which is helpful when the baby monitor gets left behind while traveling. We have one for each kid and use it multiple times a day. Can use with or without wifi and has eight hour charge life.

#5 Baby Bjorn Bouncer

Baby Bjorn Bouncer Baby Product Recommendations

Cant even tell you how many hours our first-born spent playing on this play mat during his first year. Comes with four attachable activity toys along with a play-guide book containing a full years worth of activities, backed by research. We also purchased the Lovevery play kit subscription. For the first three years, every three months your child will receive a box of Montessori based, age-appropriate developmental toys. Each play kit contains a play-guide providing wonderful learning skills for infant and parent development. Toys are very high quality and sustainable, making it perfect to pass along to younger siblings. Every box has been developmentally spot on! It has become an amazing investment in our kids growth and development.

#6 Lovevery Play Gym

Lovevery Play Gym Baby Product Recommendations

Another purchase we made for our second baby and wished we would have had for our first-born. Suitable from birth to two years old and has three recline positions. Light weight and fully collapsable making it convenient to travel with. Perfect to take outside while toddler plays. Various toy bar additions
available to promote fine motor skills. Also purchased the travel bag to ensure bouncer does not get dirty/damaged while traveling.

#7 Babyletto Kiwi Electric Recliner

This one is well worth the splurge for your nursery. Countless late nights have been spent in this chair. Sleek, modern, comfortable, supportive, stain resistant, power recline with two USB ports. What more could you ask for?! We loved this chair so much we purchased one for each kids room.

#8 Copper Pearl Swaddle Blankets

The PICU nurse in me loves a perfectly wrapped baby and these blankets make the best swaddles. These polyester/ rayon blend knit blankets are extremely soft with the perfect amount of stretch. They have beautiful colors and patterns with matching, hats, bows, gowns and burp cloths. 10/10 recommend their burp cloths

#9 Newborn Knotted Gowns

Our babies lived in these during the newborn stage. So perfect for middle of the night diaper changes. I have found a handful of brands that I love including Copper Pearl, Lou Lou & Company, Spearmint LOVE, Caden Lane.

#10 Tubby Todd Natural Basics Bundle

The only skin care products I have used on our babies and still used daily on our two year old. Would recommend getting the newborn bundle, another great item to put on your registry! We religiously use the hair + body wash, everyday lotion and the all over ointment. Products are clean, non-toxic with all natural fragrances, making your babies smell to die for!

#11 Nose Frida

There is no denying that it is a bizarre concept but, unfortunately, there is no escaping illness especially
when older siblings attend daycare or school. Babies are obligatory nose breathers. Meaning, when nasally congested, babies are unable to breathe through their mouth, making it imperative for parents to keep their nares cleared from secretions (especially prior to feeds and sleep). This nasal aspirator is far more effective than the bulb suction syringes that hospitals send you home with.

#12 Ollie Sleep Swaddle

Moisture wicking swaddle with the perfect amount of stretch to keep baby nice and snug. Minimizes
nighttime wakes caused by the newborn startle reflex. Heavy duty material and velcro, I used the same Ollie for both kids until they started rolling over. To ensure our babies wouldn’t get too cold overnight I would dress baby in knot gown, swaddle with a blanket, then wrap in Ollie swaddle.

#13 FridaBaby 3-1 Touchless Thermometer

Everyone with a newborn needs a thermometer. Babies are born without immune systems therefore when a baby less than three months old become febrile, it requires a trip to the hospital for an extensive septic workup. Rectal thermometers are the gold standard for babies less than three months of age. If your child has a temp of greater than 100.4 degrees, reach out to your child’s pediatrician. For toddlers I recommend the FridaBaby 3-1 Touchless Thermometer.

#14 Zutano Baby Booties

Baby socks are my bug-a-boo, can’t do them…they never stay on and one always seems to be missing. These booties stay on and keep babies feet perfectly warm. They come in numerous colors and patterns

#15 Newton Baby Crib Mattress

Having a mattress that is 100% breathable allowed me to sleep soundly while our babies were doing the same. Love that it is washable, no need to worry about a mattress full of germs and bacteria and anything else that may find its way into an infant/toddler bed!

Baby Product Recommendations Conclusion

Thank you Tori for sharing your valuable insights and personal experiences. She was able to bring you this curated list of 15 top baby product recommendations from the Nuna Pipa Lite Carseat & Stroller System to the Newton Baby Crib Mattress, these recommendations cover a wide range of essential items that will make parenting easier and more enjoyable. For other recommendations from our Featured Moms, check out Brooke Parker, first-time-mom.

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Thank you for joining us! We hope these baby product recommendations help you find what you need for your little bundle of joy! Don’t forget to visit Diaper Shower to set up a diaper collection!

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